Kayema Investments Ltd. is a leading provider of clean technology investment and management solutions. The key to our success is our ability to understand global market trends and identify strategic locations and partnerships. Kayema was founded in 2005 and has offices in the Middle East and Africa.

Working predominately in the renewable energy sector, our goal is to source, develop and manage renewable energy projects in our chosen geopraphical locations. Our three main areas of focus are the development of photo-pholtaic (PV) systems, solar thermal energy solutions and ESCO projects.

Kayema has a strong management team comprising directors and managers with decades of experience in project management and financial solutions, and with an in-depth understanding of the renewable energy sector. Our Specific services include:

Asset and Risk Management

  • Performance monitoring
  • Scheduled ¬†and unscheduled maintenance
  • Resolution of faults
  • Productivity Analysis and return verficiations
  • Risk Analysis and assessment

Project Development and Implementation

Structuring of renewable Energy Products